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To purchase six PDF hypnotherapy scripts for just $9.99, scroll down and add the hypnosis scripts you want to the shopping cart.  Then when you checkout the discount will automatically be taken off the total.

If for some reason you do not see the discount first make sure you have six or more scripts in your basket and enter coupon code: scripts to receive your discount. If you place a space before or after the coupon code it will not work.

The discount code is entered at the top of the checkout page just above ‘Billing details‘. If you have any problems getting this coupon code to work please use our contact form and we will be more than happy to help you.

Discount Code: scripts

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Anger Hypnosis Scripts

Control Your Anger

Road Rage

Anger Management

Anxiety Hypnosis Scripts

Social Anxiety

Anxiety No More

Inner Calm

Driving Anxiety

Driving Test Anxiety

IBS Relief

Noise Anxiety

Overcome Anxiety

Overcome OCD

Panic Attacks

Pregnancy Anxiety

Stop Worrying

Test Anxiety

Confidence Hypnosis Scripts

Speak with Confidence

You are Confident

Confidence on Demand

Saying No Confidently


Dating Confidence

Depression Hypnosis Scripts

A Positive Mind

Enjoy Life

Be a Positive Person

Feel Happy

Positive Thinking

Bad Habits Hypnosis Scripts

Alcohol Control

Binge Drinking

Stop Drinking

Stop Nail Biting

Stop Skin Picking

Stop Using Cocaine

Stop Gambling

Stop Hair Pulling

Improvement Hypnosis Scripts

You Are Successful

Creating Change

Fussy Eating

Improve Your Posture

Interview Confidence

Increased Motivation

Public Speaking

Self Discipline

Trust Your Partner

Wealth and Success

Memory Improvement

Limiting Beliefs

Pain Hypnosis Scripts

Ease Away Pain

Pain Management

Phobia Hypnosis Scripts

Overcoming Claustrophobia


Dental Phobia

Driving Over Bridges

Fear of Dogs

Fear of Flying

Fear of Heights

Fear of Needles

Fear of Spiders

Phobia Free

Shy Bladder Syndrome

Self Esteem Hypnosis Scripts

Self-Esteem Booster

I Like Myself

Self Esteem

Sexual Hypnosis Scripts


Confident Sex For Women

Premature Ejaculation

Sexual Libido

Sleep Hypnosis Scripts

Get a Good Sleep

Wake Up Refreshed

Smoking Hypnosis Scripts

Stop Smoking

Quit The E Cig

Stop Smoking Weed

Sport Hypnosis Scripts

Golf Confidence

Play to Win

Stress Hypnosis Scripts

Ease Away Stress

Eczema Relief


Stress Management

Weight Hypnosis Scripts

Rapid Weight Loss

Comfort Eating

Exercise Motivation

Night Time Snacking

Quit Sugar

Stop Eating Chocolate

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Secrets

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