Hypnotherapy MasterClass

MasterClass Hypnosis Sessions

At Hypnosis Tutorials we believe that all hypnotherapists should have a hypnosis script that is tailored to one specific client and in these hypnotherapy masterclasses we aim to teach you how to do this.

Now for most therapist they will have an initial consultation with their client and then move directly to the hypnotherapy part of the session.  This approach to therapy means it’s difficult to modify a hypnotherapy script so its personal to the client you are working with.

So to get around this during these masterclasses we will teach you the questions to ask your client during your initial consultation and then give you a hypnotherapy script which we like to call ‘The Fill in the Blanks Hypnosis Script’.


Stop Smoking Hypnosis Masterclass

We want to invite you into our hypnotherapy practice and teach you how to successfully conduct a stop smoking session which is personal to each individual client.


Weight Loss Hypnosis Masterclass

During this weight loss hypnosis masterclass we will take you step by step through a live hypnosis session and teach you how to deliver a personal weight loss hypnosis session.


Hypnosis Script Writing Masterclass

Create custom hypnosis scripts with this fill in the blanks hypnosis scripts creator – Never be stuck needing a hypnotherapy script ever again.

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