Stop Smoking Hypnosis MasterClass

Our teaching methods steer away from the normal classroom techniques of learning because we feel that hypnotherapy courses miss the most important aspect of teaching.

Yes, many courses will teach you the basics of how to do a hypnotherapy session, but it is very uncommon to see what happens in a private session.

But we have now changed this.

You can now sit inside our hypnotherapy practice and we will teach you how you can help your clients to stop smoking using a customized approach.

Stop Smoking Hypnosis Masterclass

In this video I will explain what you will learn once you purchase this stop smoking hypnosis masterclass and step inside our hypnotherapy practice.

Purchase the complete stop smoking hypnosis masterclass today for just – $29.95

Using the Question Sheet

Watch the video to view a short clip of me using the stop smoking question sheet.  The question sheet that I am using  in this video is used in order to create a custom hypnosis session for your client.  You will be able to download the question sheet when you purchase this masterclass session, which is available today for just $29.95.

During the first part of this stop smoking masterclass, we will teach you what questions to ask your clients in order to provide a stop smoking hypnotherapy session, which is personalized to each individual that comes into your hypnotherapy practice.

Explaining the Process

Watch the video to view a short clip of me explaining to my client what hypnosis is and how people generally feel after their stop smoking hypnosis session.  You will be able to download the complete transcript of this when you purchase this masterclass session, which is available today for just $29.95.

This is a particularly important stage of your stop smoking hypnosis session, but it can often be overlooked by many hypnotherapists. However, if it is used correctly it can increase your success rate tremendously.  So, you will learn how to educate your clients about hypnosis and the three things that they will experience after their session. By learning how to do this, you will never have clients leaving your office thinking they were never hypnotized and ultimately start smoking because of it.

The Hypnotic Induction

Watch the video to view a short clip of me guiding my client into a deep state of hypnosis.  This hypnotic induction is part of the stop smoking masterclass and it can be downloaded after you have purchased this course, which is available today for just – $29.95.

Once you have learnt about your clients smoking habit and found out the all the reasons why they want to stop smoking the hypnosis part of the session can then begin. You will do this by asking your client to get into a position that feels best for them. We never ask our clients to sit in a certain way, legs uncrossed and hands on their legs. Your client knows what feels comfortable, so let them decide how they want to sit but let them know that they can move if they do feel uncomfortable.

Stop Smoking Script

In this short video clip, I am using the stop smoking hypnosis script.  This script uses the answers from the questions you asked during the first part of your session to create a custom stop smoking session for your client.  This script and the full video are available once you purchase this masterclass session today for just $29.95.

In this video you will learn how to use the question sheet to deliver a stop smoking script which is customized to each individual client you see at your hypnotherapy practice.  We like to call this the fill in the blanks stop smoking hypnosis script and we know you will love it as much as we do.

Emerging From Hypnosis

Here you can view a short video of how we like to bring our clients out of hypnosis.  The complete video and the full transcript of what to say to your clients when you bring them out of hypnosis is available once you purchase this stop smoking masterclass today for just $29.95.

Imagine if you could continue to reinforce the stop smoking hypnosis suggestions in your client’s unconscious mind, even after they have left your office. Well, that’s what we’ll teach you to do. We’ll teach you how to bring your client out of hypnosis so the suggestions and the belief that they are a non-smoker are being reinforced constantly by their unconscious mind.

Whats Included in this Masterclass Session?

Instructions Booklet

An instructions manual explaining how to use this method in your practice.

Step by Step Videos

A complete video that shows each stage of the stop smoking process.

Stop Smoking Session Transcripts

A written transcript of each part of the stop smoking session.

Custom Stop Smoking Hypnosis Script

A fill in the blanks stop smoking hypnosis script.

Stop Smoking Question Sheet

The exact same question sheet that we use at our hypnotherapy practice.

Reinforcement Stop Smoking Hypnosis Session MP3

A reinforcement session that you can give to your stop smoking hypnosis clients.